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Open 7 Days a Week. 24 Hours a Day.

Maytag Laundromat in Spring Valley, MN

We accept Credit and Debit Cards, FastCard and In House Loyality Cards.

High-Efficiency Washers

Use less soap and water. Great for quilts, comforters, and sleeping bags.

Large Capacity Dryers

Save time and dry more than one load at a time in our 75 lb. dryer!

State of the Art Facility

Soft water, climate controlled, cleaned twice a day, and 24 hour surveillance.

Convenient Location

Located next to fast food restaurants and more!!

About Us

Open 24 hours a day with twelve 18 lb. washers, three 35 lb. washers and one 50 lb. washer. Valley Laundry can handle all sizes of your washing needs. This is a very clean and well maintained laundromat with soft water.

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Located at 1000 Industrial Dr., Spring Valley, MN

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